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Lead type float switch

Construction of Lead type float switch:

By the magnet installed float’s up and down , the reed switch in the stem of contact points will make the operation of the ON • OFF. Operation area of the float is carried out in between the top and bottom of the stopper , is a simple design to the structure and driving.

Level Switch, Flow Line Displacer

Characteristic of Lead type float switch:

  • Not affected by the temperature and steam, steam and pressure in the tank.
  • Leed switch controled, no need power supply.
  • By using a variety of wetted materials , it is capable of measuring a wide range of measurement solution.
    (SUS304 ・SUS316 ・SUS316L ・Corrosion-resistant resin)
  • Multi-point control

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Lead type float switch dimension(PDF) download

Standard Non-explosion proof type
Model Type Dimension PDF Dimension DXF
FSF-T-□N Vertical mounting(SUS) Flange(5K50A FF) DXF

The above table □ contains the number of float。(Maximum 5)
(Ex.) 2 floats:FSF-T-2N

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In addition to the above specifications, we will manufacture according to any specifications. Consult our sales staff for selecting models and specifications.