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Guided Microwave Level Transmitter

Probe radar level indicator

Micro TREK , perform the measurement of level , distance and volume by the TDR (Time Domain Reflection) technology.Micro pulse from Micro TREK body is originated in the tank along the probe.Micro pulses , toward the measurement object will advance substantially at the speed of light , the pulse reaches the workpiece surface , the pulse is reflected.Magnitude of the reflected pulse is related to the dielectric constant of the measured object .Micro TREK is , to measure the time until the pulse reflected from the sending the pulse is returned .Half of the time measured here will be to measure distance. Transmission speed of micro- pulse because of the constant, the measurement accuracy is dependent only on the time the pulse is reflected back to the object to be measured。Measurement value is not effects by dust and vapor in the tank , foam and stirring or boiling state and the pressure of the measurement surface , temperature and specific gravity .

Characteristics of Guided Microwave Level Transmitter:

  • The most advanced technology for measuring the level of liquid and powder.
  • Enables high-precision measurement without being affected by dielectric constant , temperature , pressure and gravity change.
  • Free from dust , vapors and bubble.
  • Without moving parts, Maintenance-free
  • High precision, excellent resolution and reproducibility
  • Reduce the wiring and construction costs by the 2-wire system.
  • Measurement Range:MAX24m
  • Temperature inside tank:-30℃~+200℃
  • Pressure:MAX4.0MPa
  • Accuracy:±5mm(Liquid)、±20mm(Solid)
  • Suitable for all tank shape.
  • Able to use for program also as indicator with Plug -in type of LCD display

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Guided Microwave Level Transmitter Dimension download

Model Characteristics Dimension PDF Dimension DXF
H□R-4□□-4 Single rod φ8mm PDF DXF
H□K-4□□-4 Single cable φ4mm PDF DXF
H□N-4□□-4 Single cable φ8mm PDF DXF
H□T-4□□-4 Twin cable φ4mm PDF DXF
H□D-4□□-4 Twin rod φ8mm PDF DXF
H□A-4□□-4 Concentric cylinder φ28mm PDF DXF
In addition to the above specifications, we will manufacture according to any specifications. Consult our sales staff for selecting models and specifications.