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Sounding Level Meter


Effective in the inventory management og the powder particles, Accurately measured without being affected by the dust.

Only setup is to input the measuring length.
Measuring length can be set to any in the measurement range.
Measured value is output in DC4~20mA and pulse count.
Each operation and states are treated with a one-chip microcomputer built into the controller, and then promptly inform the occurrence of an abnormal condition such as wire disconnection or wait buried in signal output and LED display.

Maximum measuring length TLX-120AP1:12m / TLX-200AP :20m

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Model Characteristics Dimension PDF Dimension DXF
TLX-120AP1 Range 12m PDF DXF
TLX-200AP Range 20m PDF DXF
In addition to the above specifications, we will manufacture according to any specifications. Consult our sales staff for selecting models and specifications.